Little girls start very early dreaming of their wedding day and the special boy who will take her off into the sunset – a burning desire for her Prince Charming. While I have no problem with the dreams of little girls, my concern is the preponderance of evidence that says far too many of those dream-driven decisions border on the irrational.
A woman need not run blindly into the arms of a man who is certain to make her life miserable and intolerable. The answer is to be intentional. If she is not absolutely intentional about her dating decisions, she will most likely fall back into an almost pri- mal urge that will cause her to be driven by irrationality and de- structive choices. And when you make decisions based on primal irrationality, you are headed for trouble.
It is certainly fine for a woman to desire a man –she just needs to think clearly about it. That is the purpose of this book.

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