February 20, 2020 2 min read

Staying connected is what it’s all about in marriage. One simple way to do that is by sending a fun, sassy or romantic text message! It can go a long way to get your husband’s day off to a great start or give your wife a boost to face the tasks of her morning.  It always makes us feel all warm and fuzzy when we know the one you love is thinking of you, and a good morning text is sure to put a smile on your spouse’s face. Start today and do it any day or every day!

We’ve started a short list to get you brainstorming ways to send your sentiments, but with some creativity and imagination, you’re sure to find multiple ways to say, “I love you and am thinking of you. Have a great day!” in your own way! And don’t forget the emojis! 😘😍💐❤😉
  1. I love you more than anything else. Good morning!
  2. Your morning kisses make my day.
  3. Good morning to the one that I’ll love forever. Hope your day is as bright as the sunshine.
  4. Good morning. My coffee may be hot, but you’re hotter. You’re the best part about waking up.
  5. Waking up next to you is another reason to be thankful for today.
  6. You’re the one that lights up my day. Enjoy your morning, Sweetheart.
  7. You are a blessing to me and I appreciate everything you do for our family.
  8. Have a wonderful morning. I hope today is great, love!
  9. I love the mornings because it means God has given me another day to see you and love you.
  10. Each time I look at you, I just smile and think “I couldn’t have done any better.”
  11. I’m so thankful you choose me each day. Can’t wait to see you after work!
  12. I hope your morning s as great as you are.
  13. Morning babe – I can’t wait to see you tonight ;)
  14. Morning red hot sexy love machine!
  15. You rocked my world last night.
  16. Good morning sunshine, thanks for being you!
  17. Honestly, my first thought this morning was how happy you make me.
  18. You’re the best, thanks for being amazing.
  19. Hurry and wake up – I miss you.
  20. Hey wonderful! You gotta wake up! I know it’s hard as you were probably dreaming about me, but I’m even better in real life.