The Bead Method Book & Gift

Great marriages happen on purpose. One bead at a time. Finally, a clear, simple and fun way to approach sex in a marriage.

Are you tired of just going through the motions in your marriage? Maybe you're looking for a way to pull your relationship back into focus, but you don't know how since you're dragged in a million different directions everyday? Find out how THE BEAD METHOD makes it fun and easy to BECOME INTENTIONAL about your sex life and enjoy that loving, GENEROUS MARRIAGE you've always wanted.

The Bead Method Gift is housed in a vibrantly colored, hinged keepsake box and contains:

  • One white bone china Bead catcher bowl
  • One leather tie pouch containing 40 crimson red ceramic beads
  • Three Nudge Cards (for optional use) and a note that reads, "Our adventure begins the moment you drop the first Bead.