The Best of The Mark Gungor Show DVD

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The Mark Gungor Show answers viewer’s questions and provides unfiltered advice on love, marriage, sex, dating and almost any question people ask. It’s not your typical Christian program. While many shows strive to be empathetic and have great concern for people’s feelings, Gungor—”the madman with a microphone”--offers advice sans feelings in his hilarious and brutally honest, no holds barred style.

This “Best Of” set contains some of the funniest, most crazy and memorable shows including: The Shower Episode, Fornicating Youth Leaders, Bagpiping, and the “What Would Jesus Say?” Episode.

Faithful followers of the show and newcomers alike will be challenged in their thinking, while laughing at these highly entertaining, best-of moments from the past.

4 Disc DVD Set Including Episodes:
Fornicating Youth Leaders, Bagpiping, What Would Jesus Say?, What's it All About?, The Shower Episode, Chaste & Germanes, Stone Grabbing, Oral Sex is Half Gay, Assault with a Weiner, Snuggling Breasts, Too Much PDA, Men are Baboons, Trying Personality Traits, Guynocolics, Acceptable Receptacle, C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N

Run Time: 720min