• Butt-Kicking Woman 1

Butt-Kicking Woman 1

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The culture of women within their marriage role has changed dramatically over the years. Women need to start playing a role that helps with their marriages. TheButt-Kicking Women Conference DVD will show you how to take a strong, confident stand for what is right in your marriage and family - all while being very respectful women. You will learn how you, a woman, can save your marriage and build a strong family.

These life-changing marriage truths are related in a way that both challenges and conflicts, without being preachy, and confronts the harmful and destructive messages - from both the secular world and from churches - that have brought such devastation to the female culture.

Disc 1 - Includes Mark Gungor, Annie Lobert, and Nancy Stafford.

Disc 2 - Features Connie Caronna, Wendy Meredith and Debbie Chavez.

Disc 3 - You will hear Nancy Stafford and Mark Gungor speak.

Disc 4 - Is a Q&A session with all the motivational speakers in the first three discs including Mark Gungor, Debbie Gungor, Annie Lobert, Nancy Stafford, Connie Caronna, Wendy Meredith and Debbie Chavez.
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