Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage (Full Seminar)

Improve your marriage and reduce marital problems with Mark Gungor's exclusive advice. Mark Gungor, one of the most sought-out speakers on love and marriage, explores the underlying dynamics of male/female relationships, combing striking clarity and practical solutions to common relationship woes. Mark's humor makes his teaching enjoyable, effective and memorable, helping husbands and wives remember these insights and immediately put them to work.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage DVD captures all the fun and facts of Mark Gungor's view on life, love, and marriage.

You will experience all the facts and side-splitting fun of Mark's look at life, love and marriage including:

The Tale of Two Brains (Session 1-73 min, Session 2-55 min) - laugh till you hurt as Mark explains what he calls "the laws of relational physics" - how men and women are wired differently and why.

Why Does He/She Do That?(45 min) - through a tool called the Flag Page, Mark is able to show husbands and wives a new way to discover what makes their spouse tick.

The #1 Key to Incredible Sex (Session 1-39 min, Session 2-35 min) - this is it...the "yo mama" session you've been waiting for. Mark goes through the five steps couples need to know to experience incredible, mind blowing, married sex...don't miss it!

How to Stay Married and Not Kill Anyone (35 min) - through this session, viewers will discover the power of forgiveness in their marriage...or what Mark likes to call, "The Reset Button".

FAQs with Mark (60 min) - Mark answering frequently asked questions on marriage on the bonus DVD.

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4-Disc Set

Total running time = 6~ hrs

Couples will laugh, learn, and be able to make a real, positive changes to their marriage. Purchase your exclusive widescreen DVD copy and start improving your marriage today!


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