Flag Page

What Motivates You?

The Flag Page is an effective way to get your spouse to tell you how they feel – all without them saying a word! And because the program is so easy, positive and non-threatening, you can get them actually talking about how they feel as they discuss their Flag Page printout.

Unlike many on-line assessment programs that can ask hundreds of questions, the Flag Page is completed in 3 simple steps and can be done in as little as 5 minutes. The Flag Page is not a personality test, nor is it a assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. The Flag Page measures one thing: passion – what you truly love the most about life. And it is these fundamental feelings that motivate everyone to live out their daily lives. When you learn what truly makes your spouse tick, you will discover the key to successfully living with him/her.

Visit the Flag Page website to learn more about what motivates you.

Are you a parent? We have designed the Kids Flag Page for ages 3-12 that parents can do with their children. Children ages 13 and up can use the adult flag page. For children ages 1-2, a parent can complete a Kids Flag Page based on what they already know about their child. Discover what motivates your child today! Watch video »