Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentoring is important for marriages in that it gives couples a place to turn to when they experience the struggles — normal and otherwise — in their relationship. There is great benefit when you get with another couple to help you walk through the issues that they themselves have already successfully navigated. It can really help bring insight and perspective to the situations most all couples encounter. The links on the right are resources that give information on how to start a mentoring program. Mature and established couples who have “been there, done that” need to step up to the plate and start a mentoring program in their church.

Having another couple to speak to about your marriage and work with you is often a much better route than seeing the pastor (who is already very busy!) or even going through marriage therapy. Marriage mentoring really works and has significantly reduced the divorce rates in churches that have such a program in place. Couples should not sit in silence and suffer through their problems alone. That’s what a church community is for.