Teen Dating and Relationships

Teen Dating and Relationships

Unless you have been living under a rock in this country, it is very obvious how highly sexualized our society has become. Everywhere the eye can look from TV, magazines, Internet, and movies, to advertising, billboards and even texting on cell phones, we are living in a sex saturated society. The ramifications and consequences to our culture – especially the youth – have yet to play out entirely.

Mark Gungor and Laugh Your Way America have put together basic information that every teen needs to know when it comes to the subjects of sex, dating and relating. After years of working with married couples who were struggling in their relationships, we discovered that so often the troubles were rooted in mistakes that people made during their teen years.

Together, Mark and Pam Stenzel bring parents and teens the hard-hitting, no-nonsense wisdom not often heard in the secular or faith culture today. These messages will help teens and their families make wise decisions enabling the next generation to build strong and successful marriages and families… without all the physical and emotional baggage.

Facilitator’s Discussion Guide Buy this now!

This intuitive guide was designed with youth leaders and parents/guardians in mind. We understand that speaking to teens about the sensitive topics of sex and dating can be overbearing. This guide will help you develop an open conversation with teens. Within the guide, there are questions that can be the launch these very personal discussions for you and help teens think deeply about their thoughts on sex and dating. We encourage you to work as a team to educate our young people. If we equip our students with the right information, we should see better results and spend less time trying to untangle the train wrecks that happen because people continue to make the wrong choices.

NOTE: In the guide, there are references to the DVD. It is recommended that you have the DVD in order to have a successful session with teens.

The DVD set Sex, Dating and Relating contains four discs. Buy this now!

DISC 1: Mark explains the basic differences in how men and women are wired and how to better understand and work with those differences.

DISC 2: Mark explains the keys to dating smart and what to avoid during the process of dating in order to steer clear of trouble.

DISC 3: Contains information on sex from nation abstinence speaker Pam Stenzel teaching youth about the consequences of sex outside of marriage as well as Mark explaining more of the emotional impact it can have on people. He also addresses the issue of pornography use and masturbation.

DISC 4: Q & A session with Mark where he answers some of the commonly asked questions regarding sex and dating in his straight-forward manner.