• Butt-Kicking Woman 2

Butt-Kicking Woman 2

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Mark Gungor and Laugh Your Way America present year two of the Butt-Kicking Woman Conference which is all about being the kind of woman that knows who she is and what she believes. We show women how to take a strong, confident stand for what is right in their marriage and family - all while being very respectful women. Life-changing truths are taught in a way that both challenges and convicts; without being preachy we confront harmful and destructive culteral messages - from both the secular world and churches - that have taken culture in the wrong direction. This year's group of speakers come from diverse backgrounds : Kerri Pomarolli, a Comedienne; Lakita Garth, a speaker on the topic of sexual purity; Diane Brierley, co-host of the Mark Gungor Show; and of course Mark Gungor himself. This impactful teaching will inspire and challenge all women to become the strong, confident, respectful women God desires them to be. It's time for women of all ages and stages in life to discover what God's word really says and learn how to be a Butt-Kicking Woman.

Disc 1 - Includes Mark Gungor and Kerri Pomarolli.

Disc 2 - Features Diane Brierley and Lakita Garth.

Disc 3 - You will hear Mark Gungor and Lakita Garth.

Bonus Disc 4 - Includes music by The Binions, the round table discussion and the Butt-Kicking Woman or Bust Video.
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