Manly Man 2

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Mark Gungor and Laugh Your Way America present round two of the Manly Man Conference.  MMII: Worth the Fight captures the incredible music and motivating messages of the entire weekend.  MMII is about exposing, fighting and correcting the problem of "the feminization of men" in our culture and in the Church.  All five nationally known speakers bring the loud and clear truth of what it means to be a real man... truth that we aren't hearing today from the media or the pulpit.

Following the tradition of the first year's conference, MMII continues to inspire men to do the right things, run the race, engage in battle and fight the good fight to become the husbands and fathers that God created them to be.

Featured Speakers

  • Mark Gungor is a pastor, speaker, author, musician, and producer. With 30 years of speaking all around the globe, Mark is one of the most sought after speakers on marriage and family in the country today.
  • Brad Stine is on a mission - a mission to free us all from the chains of political correctness and prevent our eventual "wussification".
  • Jimmie Bratcher The's all about the soul of a man. Who better to play the blues than a man who lost it all, only to regain it again?
  • Paul Coughlin is an author and national speaker who challenges men to be real husbands and fathers, not just "Christian nice guys".
  • Greg Stube is a highly decorated war hero who was severely wounded when serving in the Special Forces in Afghanistan. He knows the true meaning of service, commitment and sacrifice.