Finding The One

The idea that there is “one special person for everyone” does not come from the scriptures, but from the secular concept of a "soul mate.” Sadly, over the last 2,000 years the church has been all too quick to adopt pagan concepts and repackage them with titles palatable to the Christian community. But putting a pretty bow on a dog turd doesn’t change it into a diamond. - it is still a dog turd. 
The Bible never teaches us to find “the one". When teaching about having a wife, the Old Testament uses words like FIND, TAKE, and GET. And in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul clearly taught that marriage was a CHOICE. Not even once does he say, "Ask God for the one” or “Seek God so that He will show you the one” or “Just wait on the Lord to bring you the one” or any of the other numerous unbiblical pieces of advice that are handed out in churches today.
If you will put aside all the less-than-helpful information you’ve learned along the way from your friends, discard Hollywood’s version of dating and romance, re-examine the over-spiritualized input from the Christian community that lacks Biblical foundation, and employ the principles outlined in this book you will be able to think clearly and make a good decision. 
Think it through. Be intentional. Stop over complicating it. Stop over-spiritualizing it. 
Now, go find the girl!