Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking: Season 1

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In his brand new television series, Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking, marriage expert Mark Gungor exposes the true source of marriage problems—the flawed notions that shape our expectations of marriage and our spouses.

In today’s cultural landscape, the broken home is quickly becoming the rule rather than the exception. Though there is no shortage of pop psychologists urging men to “get in touch with their feelings” and women to “spice up their lovemaking,” the efforts of marriage therapists have barely made a dent in the rising divorce rate. The reason for this, Gungor claims, is that popular thinking focuses on the symptoms of marriage problems rather than addressing the root cause.

“We created this show with several purposes in mind,” Gungor states. “The first, obviously, is to share the truth about why marriages fail—and how we can keep that from happening. We live in such an over-romanticized culture. By the time people get married, their ideas of what marriage should be like bear little resemblance to reality. As a pastor, I see this all the time. This show is about busting the most common myths—the stinking thinking—that people believe and replacing them with the truths that can save a marriage.” This show offers viewers an all-around entertaining, uplifting, good time with sensational blues recording artist Jimmie Bratcher leading the show’s house band.

An opening monologue by Gungor sets up a myth-busting topic for the day. Segments showcase the remarkable insight and charmingly witty delivery that have made Gungor’s seminars so irresistible to couples—particularly to men. Gungor is joined by actress and co-host Nancy Stafford, who engages him in a lively discussion from a woman’s perspective.

All 13 episodes from Season 1 in a 4-disc DVD Set
Total Running Time: ~6 hours