Love, Marriage and Stinking Thinking: Season 2

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Mark Gungor brings his entertaining and informative television series to his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Season 2 of "Love, Marriage & Stinking Thinking" DVD series features some of our best episodes, answering commonly asked questions regarding dating, marriage and other family issues.See how Mark answers everyday dilemmas people face in their relationships. In his unique, honest, and direct approach, Mark gives his common-sense, practical advice to people looking for help on everything from infidelity to in-laws to domestic violence to divorce to parenting to pornography. Most problems with love and marriage have more to do with "stinking thinking", and, as Mark points out time and again, we must change our thinking in order to have relationship with the important people in our lives.

All 12 episodes from Season 2 in a 4-disc DVD Set
Total Running Time: ~5 hours